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  • An advice from my father

    When I was little, I used to be easily influenced by the trends of the time. I would constantly change my hobbies and never stick to one. For instance, I would play cricket sometimes, badminton other times, or try my hand at volleyball or archery, or any other new sport that was popular at the time. This is just one example, as there were many other instances where I followed trends and changed my interests frequently.

    For instance, there was a trend in my classes to write in straight, upright letters, and those students who excelled at it would be praised by the teachers. However, later on, cursive writing became popular. I would keep changing my writing style to match the trend, and as a result, I never became proficient in any particular writing style.

    Similarly, I did not excel in any sports or other skills, which led to me being an average student with only basic theoretical knowledge from books, and nothing else that is truly commendable.

    My father always gives me advice to stick with one thing and master it, but I never listened to him in my innocence. He told me that trying different things is not bad, but I should give my best to each endeavor. I never took his words seriously, and now I’m realizing the value of his advice and feeling like I’ve been late in understanding the wisdom imparted by my father.

    “Why does it often happen that we learn something when it’s too late? Experience is like a comb that comes when the hair is gone.”

  • Knowing secrets is a curse!

    Sometimes we just want to know everything going around us

    For example-

    secrets of our friends that nobody know and you want the only person to know about it.

    Spin a bottle (truth and dare) game is popular among teenagers where all players just want to know the secret of eachother.

    But when you are a person who is right guy for others to keep their secrets, it is like a curse.

    Why it is?

    Because after knowing them you are just bounded by it and bears every consequence.

    When those secrets are connected with you, you may feel worse if it is somehow emotional.

    If you want to share it with someone, you can’t. Your lips are sealed.

    When those secrets are revealed, you are the victim, blames of betrayal charges on you. Even if you didn’t do anything.

    I know my words are unable to express my intentions. Above written things may be unrelatable with someone. But if you are facing such conditions you can relate it.

  • We actually follow the same!

    You might remember the Lenz’s Law of electromagnetism

    It states that “the direction of induced current is such that it opposes the cause producing it.”

    Change is the universal law

    And we humans try to oppose the change.

    Our body opposes seasonal change, our mind opposes/resist any change if we force in making new habits or leaving bad ones, resettlement in strange places feels same and in many ways.

    But without change, life is worthless, it is like a movie with no villian no tragedy.

    When I was a child, I went to nersury then primary then secondary then higher then higher secondary school every time I encountered change which was good as well as bad but don’t have any choice.

    Now I’m in collage, I have to move away from my hometown for higher studies, I don’t want sometimes to leave my place but again it is a change.

    Such little big changes leads to beautiful and aimed successful life

    Keep enjoying rollercoaster ride of life

  • What do you enjoy?

    If I ask you about your aim, your destination, you may have any particular and you are running toward it to achieve it. Facing challenges, ups and downs everyday and finally you got it. How will you feel that day?

    You would be happy but not that much, once after achieving it, that goal becomes common for you or we can say that your brain is not realising dopamine for it.

    Actually we delighted in journey but unconsciously. We feels it as a challenge and sometimes want to get rid off it. After achieving the target we realise actual happiness was in the pathway.

    Today I just completed my semester examination and planned lots of things to do after and was very excited after imagine about that day (today). But now It seems to me a normal day in my life, I don’t have that much happiness.


    • Never settle or stop at any point just keep going on and keep setting goals in series
    • Enjoy the process/journey because real happiness is in doing work….
  • How I get out of hopelessness_

    Sometimes it happens to me that I found my deeds worthless and have no motivation to do anything in my life.

    Frustration, demotivation, hopelessness resite in my head.

    Don’t know why I used to avoid all the beautiful opportunities coming towards me opportunities like eating favourite food, going out in the party with my friends, opportunity related to self growth or career growth, showoff etc.

    There are many reasons behind my such behaviour but the main thing is how I get over these feelings.

    Bath, yess I took a shower 🚿. When water pour from my head to feets Something happens and all unnecessary worries, anxiety go to hell.

    Sometimes it doesn’t work more then I go to temple, do prayer ask nothing just pray and feel the energy. There I got the feeling that I’m not alone a divine energy is always with me which is helping me in any condition. This is how I again comeback with full confidence, positive attitude, fresh motivation.

    I started my life in new way, following my schedule of the day and complete my daily tasks before going to bed. Then I realised the root of such feelings, lack of confidence is nothing but my own deeds, my muddle routine, lots of backlogs.

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Comment me your experience if it happened

  • Go For A Drive If You Need Refreshment!

    Today, I want to share some benefits of wandering that I personally experienced few day ago. I got bore by my daily routine of going college, returning room, doing assignments and all such stuffs. I was feeling very restless. But somehow we arrange to go for wandering around the city without any reason, I don’t know how but I forget about all blusterous problems of daily life. I like watching luxurious cars on the road, how they just crossing the road, and I always used to say that oneday I’ll be the one to sit inside such car uhh. After coming back to room, again I get busy in all old stuffs but now I’m fully charged and enthusiastic. I also like going on a long drive alone or with someone else (close one), it also helps alot in clearing junk of mind.

    Some of the benefits I observed are:

    • Mind get refreshed and brain works in maximum efficiency
    • We have opportunity to be socialize with different peoples and get to know about them
    • (personal) Give lots of motivation and incourage for more hustle
  • The journey that everyone has to travel.

    Life journey is like a train journey. You just travell non-stop till the death. People who are attached with you are temporary passenger who sits besides you for a little time in this journey and then go away. You have to decide the right one to sit with and destinations (which is also temporary). We all know that the final destination ends with death but the journey till death is life. You have to decide where it leads, to happiness or to sorrow. Train can’t return to previous platform. Accept that everyone even your closest will leave you oneday due to any reasons they are fellow travellers. Hard to digest but have to accept.

  • It happens in many aspects

    Don’t know why
  • Implement Whatever You Learn

    Do you ever think if we start applying everything we learn in our daily life then how it will transform our life?

    We are different from other living beings on the planet having abilities to think, retain knowledge and create something even Swami Vivekananda said that “No knowledge comes from outside;it is all inside. What we say a man “knows”, should,on strict psychological language,be what he “discovers”, by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.”

    During our education we forget about implementation of knowledge or even sometimes stops learning keep mugging up informations for good grades. We have lots of books to read and we read but we don’t apply it.

    For example I recently read a very good book name Atomic Habits by James Clear, every page of the book teaches something new and helps in building a good habits and how can we get rid of bad one. Now I am seeing that I’m not applying it in my life. I wasted time on book. So when you get some learning, knowledge so start applying it wherever it requires otherwise it is waste.

  • Take Decisions Before You are out of time

    Sometime You come across the situation when you need to take some decisions and at that point it feels like a bird who just caught by fowler

    Take decisions before it is too late. Listen to your mind as well as heart and do as per their combination…You may found that you took a wrong decision but believe me it is better than taking no decision. Taking decisions is also a type of examination where situations are questions to answer it may be hard or easy but you have to answer all.

    Life gives you many opportunities in field of career, relationship, success etc. You just need to put a little bit effort and there you have to take decisions otherwise you would loose it.